About Us

My name is Orlando Robinson, founder of Targeted Properties. with 25 years of collection, negotiations and skip tracing experience I have put together a very unique approach to locating wholesale properties. One of the most difficult aspects of being a wholesaler is finding motivated sellers, but the Targeted Properties workshop gives you another option to increase your profits. What if you were able to decrease your advertising budget? Imagine not having to spend so much money on bandit signs or mailers, or driving for dollars. What if every homeowner you spoke with was a motivated seller, and you knew EXACTLY what the numbers were to every property you found, even before contacting them? I will teach you a very specific way to accomplish all this and so much more. The purpose of this course isn’t to just make more money, it’s designed to provide you with an invaluable set of tools to add to your existing wholesale business or help you get started making money right away. This course isn’t just about you the wholesaler or you the investor, it’s also about helping the homeowners as well. So, take a look at the site, send us questions or comments, follow us on social media and most importantly register for our mailing list and attend the workshop! I am quite certain by learning this program you will increase your income and walk away surprised how easy it is to find your Targeted Properties! Don’t just spray and pray, Snipe your targeted properties!
~ Orlando